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A bit of history...

The CSR Certification Made in France


Since its creation in 2019, Positive Company® (formerly Positive Workplace) has initiated a change in the field of CSR certifications. Faced with the realization that all certifications were satisfied with a documentary verification, we introduced a certification that guarantees the authenticity of companies' CSR practices.

In 2020, the first companies were receiving the certification, marking the beginning of a community committed to making a more positive impact on society. Today, we are proud to count more than 200 certified companies in four territories: France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Tunisia.

Our history is marked by the desire to create real and lasting change, and we continue to inspire and guide companies towards more responsible practices.


The brand manifesto

We are the certification for people who put their energy into business.

We evaluate and certify companies and organizations that are ambitious in terms of sustainability and support them in theirtransition to practices that are more respectful of the environment, people and the living world.

Together, they commit to a powerful and challenging collaborative process because we share the belief that everyone can improve by doing things together. Together, we work toward the goal of virtuous progress. Employees, customers, suppliers and partners - everyone is involved, everyone is heard. 

Our standards are freely available. Based on the most stringent European and international regulations, they guarantee that certified companies meet the highest standards of sustainability.

We, the Positive Company® community, believe that companies are catalysts for positive change and have a responsibility to help build a sustainable future.

That's why we invite you to join our community today, to be part of a positive movement for business and humanity, and to take pride in your commitment.


Tomorrow will be committed, enthusiastic, together!

Positive Company, a mission-driven company


We believe that a fairer economy is possible and that there is an urgent need to act together. 
ACT, by enabling every organization to assess its impact and clarify its scope for progress. TOGETHER, because we believe that the necessary change can only happen through collaboration within and between organizations.

Raison d'être

To be the accelerator of the ecological and social transition by concretely engaging organizations in their transformation.


To accelerate the ecological and social transition by engaging organizations in their own transformation.

Our values

Internal : continuous improvement and responsible practices, holistic vision of CSR  

External : positive vision of CSR, social and environmental progress 

Internal : transparency of information and capabilities

External : co-construction of solutions with customers; thematic working groups 

Internal : shared responsibility, collaborative work, organizational autonomy

External : confidentiality of information, business know-how

Internal : innovative social practices, process improvement

External : CSR popularization process, accessibility of tools 

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